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1. Learning value (in terms of skills, concepts, knowledge, analytical abilities, or broadening perspectives)
2. Applicability/relevance to real life situations
3. Extent of coverage of course
4. Extent of effort required by students
5. Relevance/learning value of project/ report
6. Depth of the course content
7. Overall rating
8. The syllabus was
9. Your background for benefiting from the course was
10. How much of the syllabus was taught in class?
11. What is your opinion about the library holdings for the course?
12. Were you able to get the prescribed readings?
13. The internal evaluation system as it exists is
16. When you meet students who have taken a similar programme at other Universities do you feel that your programme is ?
17. How do you rate the student-teacher relationship in the College as a whole?
18. How do you rate the student-teacher relationship in your department?
19. How do you find the College's administrative offices?
20. What is your rating on hostel facilities?
21. How do you rate the health care facilities?
22. Did you participate in any of the extra curricular activities of the Department / College?
23. What was the attitude of teachers to extra curricular activities?
24. Has your time at the College been intellectually enriching?
25. After leaving the College how will you talk about it?
26. Understanding the course
27. Early discovery of difficulties
28. Interaction with the teacher
29. Regular work
30. Continuous self assessment
31. Academic content
32. Fairness of evaluation
33. Interaction with faculty
34. Interaction with administration
35. Library facilities
36. Computer facilities
37. Hostel facilities
38. Recreational facilities
39. Extra-curricular activities
40. Sports facilities

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