Mission, Vision and Objectives

Our Mission

Our mission is to create dedicated teachers with sound professional ethics who will take up an untiring obligation to pain to strive towards perfection and innovation, and evolve as leaders in the field of education.

Our Vision

The college endeavours to offer fundamental and tailor made training programme to suit the needs of the prospective teachers through Integral Pedagogy comprising context, experience, reflection, action and evaluation so that they mature as motivated teachers who besides being intellectually proficient, will have a strong moral armour and steadfast social commitment to emerge as catalysts of change and mould the destiny of the Indian classrooms in the times to come.


  • To acquaint the students with the role education plays in individual progress and to develop national and international understanding.

  • To prepare the prospective teachers so that they are able to shoulder the responsibility of educating the society and thus contribute to national development.

  • To widen the intellectual horizons of the students by imparting knowledge of how the teaching learning process works.

  • To endow the prospective teachers with the requisite skill and competency to use ICT to face the challenges of the profession.

  • To inject the spirit of enquiry in the trainee teachers and help them develop a rational outlook and a democratic point of view.

  • To enable the trainee teachers develop profound understanding of the principles of pedagogy and how they can be applied or implemented in the transaction of the curriculum.

  • To acquaint the trainee teachers with the multifarious roles that they have to play as professionals and equip them with the proficiency to carry each one of them with effortless dexterity.

  • To bring about a holistic development in terms of physical, emotional, intellectual and ethical amalgamation so that the prospective teachers evolve as complete teachers armed with moral, constitutional and human values.

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